Battery Packs

Galaxy Battery’s quality control program ensures consistent high quality results in all battery assemblies. Whether it’s a cordless phone battery pack, or a larger custom pack for critical remote applications, Galaxy’s production team follows a strict twenty step quality assurance protocol that allows us to supply the best product all the time. All cells, diodes, thermistors, connectors, etc. are tested. Cells are also matched prior to assembly.

Completed battery packs are tested and inspected prior to shipping. For large volume customers we can synchronize quality control protocol to ensure your internal requirements are achieved.

Custom Battery Packs

Provide us with a sample battery pack drawing or schematic, and we will custom build a new pack for you. We have extensive experience in partnering with customer engineering/design personnel to manage your project with proven results. Using only the highest quality cells and materials we can design and build custom/specialty packs for mission critical applications, as well as obsolete devices and equipment. Our workmanship is fully guaranteed.

Recoring Battery Packs

If your battery pack is down to 1/2 hour or less, it is time for recoring. Rather than throwing out that old battery pack let us rebuild it for you. Realize full capacity from the outset as a result of our fresh, top quality cells. In the long run, help the environment, maximize performance and save $$! Our workmanship is fully guaranteed.