About Us

Galaxy Battery, a division of Galaxy Supply Inc. was formed in 1994 to address the battery needs of industrial, commercial, governmental and institutional organizations. 100% Atlantic Canadian owned, Galaxy Battery is a Battery Service Centre specializing in dry cell batteries, battery packs and related products. Our mission is to continuously strive to enhance the well-being of customers, suppliers, employees, and the community. We have also made a commitment to the preservation of our environment through practicing the 3 R’s:

  • Reducing Waste
  • Recoring Power Packs
  • Recycling Materials

Our employees have extensive product knowledge which is complemented with quality technical training and education. At Galaxy, we place a high value on the concept of lifelong learning. Our team keeps abreast of the changes and innovations in battery technology as well as related products. We are totally committed to the philosophy of action research in all our daily activities. Galaxy’s outside sales coverage is supported by a strong inside sales team always ready to serve you.