Motive Power

In addition to the sale of batteries and chargers, Galaxy also provides maintenance and repairs on all makes of lift truck batteries and chargers. Our experienced technicians combine modern technology with proven hands on skills, to diagnose and repair your equipment. Dispatched from our Dartmouth facility our mobile onsite service can respond to everything from emergency repair requirements, to providing a scheduled preventative maintenance program. Choosing us as your service provider has many value added benefits such as tracking problem equipment, training lift truck operators to maximize battery performance, fleet maintenance resource, and battery handling and watering solutions. Our technicians are trained in the handling of dangerous goods and follow only safe working protocols. Call us today for a no cost assessment of your batteries and charging equipment.

Reserve Power

Emergency back up and uninterruptible power systems are key in ensuring critical equipment and data are not compromised as a result of grid power failures. As these systems rely on the condition of the batteries, periodic maintenance and assessment are critical in ensuring that they are able to deliver the power required. Whether it’s a 24 or 48 volt telecom application or a larger stationary application Galaxy’s experienced technicians can deliver the service and support needed to keeping these systems ready to go.

Battery Analysis / Conditioning

Secondary batteries as a result of heavy use, improper charging, and poor storage can result in reduced capacity and performance, and lost time and money to you the customer. In certain cases the battery can be conditioned to restore usable capacity and increase battery run time. To find out if this is a cost effective option for your application, call and let our knowledgeable staff assist you in making the best decision for all your battery requirements.

Shipping and Handling

Every single order shipped from our facility is double counted, and packed according to Galaxy’s quality control standards. Our experienced colleagues are certified in the transportation of dangerous goods and are able to meet your shipping requirements from a single box to a secured skid of batteries. We offer same day service in HRM, next day service for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, and two day service for Newfoundland. For information regarding the transportation of lithium batteries, please call and one our colleagues will be pleased to assist you.

Battery Recycling

Galaxy Battery is proud to support the RBRC rechargeable battery recycling program and offers its customers the peace of mind in knowing that all cells removed from battery packs are being recycled. As well our customers can have their cellular, digital camera and laptop batteries recycled by simply dropping them off at our Dartmouth facility or by sending them to us. We also provide recycling for lead acid batteries, small quantities may be dropped off at our Dartmouth facility, please call to arrange for large quantity recycling.